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Dumfries House Case Study

Site :

Dumfries House

Installed :

January 08

The Site

Dumfries House is a historic building circa mid 1700’s situated in a country estate outside Cumnock in Ayrshire. It is owned by Prince Charles’s Princes Trust. The house is a tourist attraction for antique enthusiasts and boasts many original works of art and antiquities.

The Relationship

Tacs were invited in initially on a consultancy basis on December 07 by Mike Schaefer and Audrey Kingsnorth who were tasked with refurbishing the house with a view to opening it to the public. After ordering some lines from BT they were unhappy about how BT had handled the orders and the type of lines installed.

The Solution

An initial visit by Gordon Inglis the Service Manager quickly established what the customer already suspected that the BT lines were not fit for purpose. Also the original BT order had been installed erroneously on the wrong account name and the line type was wrong for the customer’s requirements. They really needed a small telephone system to handle the call volume which was growing by the day. Audrey was exasperated after many hours on the telephone to BT and handed the project over to Gordon to manage taking advantage of our free consultancy and project management offer.

Gordon takes up the story:

"After many emails and telephone calls I was able to cease the installed Featurelines with BT and install 2 x ISDN2 circuits with 10 x Direct Dial numbers (DDI’s), I was also able to thrash out the account details. We installed at short notice a Panasonic KXTDA15 system with integrated voicemail, messaging and doorphone. We integrated the doorphone with the existing access control system and arranged that the main gate called the telephone system and that both could be opened from any system telephone. An auto attendant was installed to streamline incoming calls. We installed some data cabling to achieve a small data network feeding the office areas in co-operation with their IT specialist.

Since the initial install we have upgraded the system to a Panasonic KXTDA30 as the organisation grew. Also installed was additional data cabling as the offices were relocated. TACS working to J Vernon (main contractor) just recently completed a project (June 2011) that seen the Stables and Coach House buildings refurbished as a conference/meeting centre and restaurant respectively. Link cables from the main house to these buildings were installed underground for system and network voice, and fibre for data. The main house bedrooms were also refurbished at this time and telephones were installed in each bedroom. We are at time of writing installing ISDN30 in order that we can upgrade their system again, this time to the flagship of Panasonic the NCP1000 as the organisation grows and gets even busier. Next project is a hotel on site. Are you keeping up?

Mike and Audrey have moved on but we still have a great relationship with their successors Leslie Farrer and Jonathan Bryant who still enjoy free consultancy and project management from TACS".